Rockin’ Pop-Up: Seasonal Changes of Sea Ice

Blanketing millions of square miles, sea ice is frozen seawater that floats on the ocean surface, forming and melting with the polar seasons. Vital to the marine mammals and birds for which they are habitats, sea ice can also play a crucial role in regulating climate. Join us for January’s Rockin’ Pop-Up with the Geology Gents to learn more about this phenomenon.

About the Series: Join the Geology Gents, Gavin Piccione and Graham Edwards, for monthly conversations about rocks live on Facebook. Each month we’ll explore a different geologic topic, from Santa Cruz formations to tips for being a more effective rockhound. Submit your questions ahead of time by emailing events@santacruzmuseum.org and feel free to include pictures of rocks you’d like identified! Note: you do not need to have a Facebook account to be able to watch the program live.

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