Food Web Activity | 3-5 grade

Dissection of an owl pellet
Owl Pellet Dissection

Do you know what an owl eats? Today we are going to find out by dissecting an owl pellet! This will help us learn about the food web that an owl is a part of and how this web is important for keeping plants and animals alive. 

In this 30-45 minute activity students will learn how to identify an owl pellet and will explore the contents of an owl pellet virtually through a video. Based on their learning, students will construct a food web including a great horned owl with producers, consumers, and decomposers. (This activity was created for 3rd-5th graders.) 

Materials/ Resources:

Optional: Instead of virtually exploring an owl pellet you can click here if you wish to purchase an owl pellet to dissect at home for this activity. 

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