Slender Banana Slug

Scientific: Ariolimax dolichophallus
Spanish: Babosa banana

Diet: Dead plants, animal droppings, fungi and moss
Habitat: Forest floor of coniferous rainforest
California Status: Imperiled

The Importance Of Being Slimy
A sticky slimy carpet protects slugs from sharp objects, helps them climb trees, travel upside down along a branch, and even lower themselves to the ground by a slime cord. The slime and their bright coloring also discourages many animals from eating them.

Banana slugs depend upon the redwood canopy to keep their habitat moist, and in return these slugs will consume plants that compete with redwoods for nutrients and light. During dry weather, banana slugs will retreat underground to prevent desiccation.

Did you know? Banana Slugs are the school mascot for the University of California, Santa Cruz