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Phone: (831) 420–6115
Mailing Address: 1305 East Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz, CA  95062
General: info@santacruzmuseum.org
Events and Public Programs: events@santacruzmuseum.org
School and Youth Programs: education@santacruzmuseum.org
Volunteer Opportunities: volunteer@santacruzmuseum.org
Collections: collections@santacruzmuseum.org
Membership and Development: development@santacruzmuseum.org
Retail: retail@santacruzmuseum.org

Learn more about our Staff.

Felicia Van Stolk, Executive Director
extension 11

Lucy Logsdon, Director of Operations
Email: lucy@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 12

Kathleen Aston, Collections Manager
Email: kathleen@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 20

Liz Broughton, Visitor Experience Manager
Email: liz@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 22

Kiersten Elzy-Loving, Development and Community Partnerships Manager
Email: kiersten@santacruzmuseum.org
extension 16

Marisa Gomez, Community Education and Collaboration Manager
Email: marisa@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 15

Jenny Rieke, Education Manager
Email: jenny@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 17

Rocio Sánchez-Nolasco, Public Programs Coordinator
Email: rocio@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 13

Natalie Wollman, Communications Coordinator
Email: natalie@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 14

Chris Soriano, Education Coordinator
Email: chris.soriano@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 18

Emily Antonino, Education Coordinator
Email: emily@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 19

Isabelle West, Collections Assistant
Email: isabelle@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 21

Mary Verutti, Visitor Services Representative
Email: mary@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 10

Chris Dunphy, Visitor Services Coordinator
Email: chris.dunphy@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 10

Rebekah Nelson, Visitor Services Representative
Email: rebekah@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 10

Ellen Stone, Education Assistant
Email: ellen@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 23

Hannah Caisse, Education Assistant
Email: hanna@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 24

Jack Mazza, Education Assistant
Email: jack@santacruzmuseum.org
Phone: extension 25