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Virtual Exhibit: First Peoples of California

In this virtual exhibit, explore the many ways Native Californians have survived and thrived through their knowledge and use of the natural landscape. Text, video, slideshows, and learning extensions bring the Museum’s physical exhibit to life in the digital realm.

Permanent Exhibits

Man showing a young child the tidepool

The Museum Permanent Exhibits focus on the natural history of the Santa Cruz region  and the Monterey Bay. This includes: Wildlife and Habitats, First Peoples of California, Geology of Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay Marine Life, our outdoor Garden Learning Center, and our Santa Cruz Naturalist exhibit.

Special thanks to Donna Meyers and Birdie Hunter, the Pat and Kirk Smith Family, Patty Quillin, Randy Widera, Rick and Cole Jones, Santa Cruz Longboard Union, the Seaside Company, and Steve Mandel and Carol Foote for their support of our Santa Cruz Naturalist exhibit.

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Explore science, nature and culture through hands-on exhibits that rotate regularly in our galleries. Learn more.