Scientific: Canis latrans
Spanish: Coyote
Awaswas: Mayyán, Wakshes

Diet: Deer, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and sometimes plants
Habitat: Widespread throughout North America
Status: Least Concern

Features in Folklore
Many Native American tribes, especially those in the West, have featured coyote figures in their stories and mythologies. Coyotes are cast as tricksters, warriors or thieves, but many tales take note of their intelligence and adaptability. 

Friend or Foe?
Coyotes often inhabit the wildland urban interface. Over 500,000 coyotes have been killed in California since 1891, mostly under the guise of protecting livestock. However, coyotes may do more good than harm to people by eating other animals that are considered pests.

What are some small mammals that might be the prey of coyotes and harmful to people, farms, and ranchland?