Emily Antonino: Education Assistant

Emily grew up in Santa Cruz and has enjoyed its natural beauty throughout her life by going to the beach, hiking in the redwoods, and watching sunsets on the cliffs. She traveled to California’s Central Valley to run intercollegiate track and field and to obtain her Bachelor of Arts degree in Plant Biology at University of California, Davis. She discovered her enthusiasm for outdoor science education at the UC Davis Student Farm. 

She strives to ignite curiosity and empathy for the natural world in every person she encounters, making her the perfect addition to our Museum team. Emily says, “I am excited to be surrounded by people who are as interested in nature and science as I am. I hope to learn more about local natural history and gain a deeper connection with my surroundings, and I am looking forward to sharing newfound knowledge with others.” 

Emily is inspired by the creative force of nature that invites many different ways of living. As she says, “ It teaches us to be open, accepting, and that there is no single right answer.” 

When not teaching science, Emily loves running on all the trails around Santa Cruz, from redwoods to cliffs to meadows, enjoying all the many different things to see.