Andrea Dingeldein

Andrea Dingeldein specializes in visual depictions of the maritime environment. She illustrates everything from the flora and fauna of the ocean realm, to the vessels and lighthouses that have guided generations of humans towards scientific discovery. With watercolors and field notebook in hand, she sets out into California’s tidepools, redwood forests, and coastal prairies to document the wonders and oddities of the natural world. Back in the studio, she transforms her field studies into polished science illustrations for researchers, parks, and local environmental organizations that fight to protect the ecosystems she knows and loves.

Website: http://www.thelocalnaturalist.com/
Instagram: @adingeldein

Bethany Kilzer

What I love about Scientific Illustration is the invitation to look closer, to scrutinize detail. I like to entice you to discover and question information about the natural history subjects I paint. As part of the Environmental Studies program at UCSC, I chose science communication as my emphasis. After completing Natural History Field Quarter in 1986, I took a series of Scientific Illustration classes to fulfill the emphasis requirement. More than 3 decades later, in 2019, I re-discovered a joy of painting. Currently, my favorite medium is acrylic paint and I am particularly interested in birds and arthropods. I use photographs taken by my husband and myself from our yard, local hikes, and travels. I am based in Scotts Valley, CA, where I have lived since 1991.

Contact: storytel@cruzio.com

Chelsea Kintz

Chelsea Kintz grew up in Asheville, North Carolina and Santa Cruz, California, and has always loved to combine their love of nature and art. Now a 4th-year Ecology and Evolutionary Biology major at UC Santa Cruz, they use scientific illustration in their studies and research. Outside of art and academics, they enjoy birdwatching and SCUBA diving.

Website: www.chelseakintz.com
Instagram: @kintzillustration

Elizabeth Romanini

Website: http://www.thenaturalline.com/
Instagram: @elizabethromanini

Erin E. Hunter

When Erin E. Hunter was nine, her great-great aunt Alice gave her a copy of the Reader’s Digest Guide to North American Wildlife. Fascinated by the detailed color illustrations of flowers, insects and animals, Erin read all 559 pages. Her first ventures into science and illustration started with that book, where she checked off the plants and wildlife of her own backyard and drew birds in the margins. Today, Erin is a trained science illustrator with a background in graphic design. She splits her work between fine art paintings depicting the natural world, and technical illustrations for an academic science journal (Annual Reviews). When she’s not painting or working at the computer, she can be found puttering in her garden or hiking in California’s coastal forests. Her dog-eared copy of the Reader’s Digest Guide to North American Wildlife sits prominently on her desk.

Website: www.eehunter.com
Instagram: @erinhunterart

G. Lee Boerger

For 25 years I was the illustrator for the plant signage at the San Francisco Botanical Garden and for 2017 and 2018, illustrated the garden signage at Montalvo Art Center in Saratoga. These were wonderful opportunities to observe the plants and also do research for additional information. Nineteen years as a lab assistant at the California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco) in the Botany Department provided the strong motivation to explore a rounded interest in plants. I now have a studio in Pacifica at the Sanchez Art Center where I have extended my watercolor and pen art work to explore printmaking and collage techniques. Sanchez has 3 art galleries and sponsors many art exhibits.

Facebook: m.facebook.com/gleeboerger/
Instagram: @gleeboerger_artist

Hajra Meeks

Hajra Meeks is a Pakistani-American, Author-Illustrator, Fine Artist, Historian and Lecturer from the Bay Area. She has a BSc in Physics from the Univ. of San Francisco, an MSc in International History from the London School of Economics & Political Science, and a Picture Book Certificate from the MA program at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has taught watercolor, gouache, and ink in-person and online for a decade. She was a Lecturer in Art History, International History, and Calculus at UC Merced, her Youtube channel currently has 2 million views, & her art has been in exhibitions in Union City, Mariposa, Vermont, Santa Clara, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and Merced (where it was viewed by First Lady Michelle Obama), and she had a successfully funded online Kickstarter campaign for an environmentalist picture book about the real wolf OR-7.

Website: hajrameeks.com

Hannah Caisse

Hello! My name is Hannah Caisse, and I love science illustration. I am a well-rounded and certified science illustrator with a Bachelor’s degree in evolution and ecology, and I have interests in vertebrate anatomy, mammalogy, herpetology, and paleontology. My combined background in science and art is an invaluable asset when I approach my illustrations. Not only am I dedicated to portraying as many visual facts as possible in my work, but also I strive to give my illustration subjects a sense of self, a life perceived beyond the paper. I enjoy illustrating highly detailed natural subjects, varying from animal portraits to prehistoric scenes with dinosaurs, in traditional and digital media. My ultimate goal is to generate a greater understanding of the natural world and modern science, one drawing at a time. 

Website: www.hannahcaisse.com
Instagram: @synap_sida

Jeanne Rosen Sofen

Jeanne Rosen Sofen grew up in Sacramento; she came of age at the same time as the emerging environmental movement, which has greatly influenced her values, and her art. She studied art at American River College, then earned a B.A. in Fine Arts from the U.C. Santa Cruz. After graduating, she worked as a designer and master craftsman for ten years at Bonny Doon Art Glass, a nationally-acclaimed studio. During these years and up through the present, she has continued her studio work, participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout California and beyond, and has won several awards. Her work is in private and public collections including the Community Hospital of Monterey Peninsula, Plantronics Inc., Cisco Systems, and a feature commission for the Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital/Stanford Hospital.

Website: www.jeannerosensofen.com
Instagram: @jeanne_sofen

Julia Beery

I am a science illustrator with an affinity for mushrooms, bats, and all kinds of plants. I aim to make images of the natural world that are both informative and exciting. I grew up in Berkeley, California. After graduating from the Science Illustration program at Cal State Monterey bay, I moved back to the Bay Area where I work and continue to learn.

Website: https://florafungi.com/

Juniper Harrower

Specializing in species interactions under climate change, Dr. Juniper Harrower works across disciplines as both an ecologist and an artist. She uses rigorous science methods and a multimedia art practice to investigate human influence on ecological systems while seeking solutions that protect at-risk species and promote environmental justice.

Website: www.Juniperharrower.com

Kathy Kleinsteiber

Kathy Kleinsteiber is a Northern California nature artist who left the Silicon Valley tech industry to follow her lifelong passion for creating art. She loves to explore nature and to create artwork based on what she sees along the trail. Kathy likes to portray the elements of nature that inspire her — whether they are animal, vegetable, or mineral. While art is for humans and generally depicts some aspect of the human condition, Kathy likes to remember that life on this Earth is not all about us. She wants to communicate that we are not alone in this world and that other species call this beautiful planet home. Kathy is a signature member of Artists for Conservation and is committed to making art that supports conservation. She will donate a generous portion of all art sales proceeds to charitable organizations that support conservation.

Website: kathykleinsteiber.com

Katie Rider

Katie Rider is a Bay Area native living in the Mountains above Santa Cruz.  Katie specializes in watercolor and focuses on representing the amazement found in the beauty of her surroundings.  She is motivated to create art from the worlds seen around her.  Katie’s most recent work springs from morning walks through the Monarch Sanctuary at Natural Bridges State Park. These creatures flickering from branch to branch competing for the ideal position to catch the sun’s rays moved Katie to seek a deeper understanding of the Monarch butterfly’s minute existence. The lush landscape of Santa Cruz, from the mountains to the shoreline, is overflowing with an endless stream of curiosities.  It is from this great spectacle of nature that she finds inspiration

Instagram: @pinkinkarts

Kylie Smith

My curiosity for the natural world was stoked by an immersive field course in college during which I observed, sketched, and studied the diverse ecosystems throughout California. I discovered that I learn best when dirt, sand, and rock are beneath my feet. This course fueled my desire to become a lifelong student of natural history, and to use my art as a tool for sharing information about the natural world with others. In my quest for knowledge, I’ve worked as a field tech helping to protect California Condors, led hundreds of students and adults in experiential learning on land and water, and taught others about how to use field sketching as a tool for learning and connecting with nature. Through these various positions as a science communicator and educator, I’ve seen how valuable a personal connection to nature is for people in an ever-disconnected world. I aim to create art that can help nature be more accessible and help to foster a connection between people and the world around us.

Website: www.kyliekathleenart.com
Instagram: @kylie.kathleen.illustrations

Laura Beach

Laura Beach is a local Santa Cruz printmaker and science teacher who creates artwork using letterpress, screen printing and reduction woodcut techniques. She combines her love of science, the natural world, graphic design, luscious paper, small carving tools and irresistibly heavy machinery to create playful and vibrant works of art on fabric and paper. Experiences soaking in the natural world whether it be traveling, backpacking, hiking, playing in the ocean or spending time with her loved ones are the inspirations behind her works of art of the land, sky and the sea.

Website: www.laurabeach.net
Instagram: @laurabeach

Linda Valdes

Linda Valdés received her PhD from University of California, Santa Cruz in 1990, after which she became a professor of mathematics at San José State University. Upon retiring she began to take botanical art classes and now believes she has found a perfect place in which to retire – botanical art. If you are interested in purchasing the painting of Clarkia in the exhibition, the Helleborus above, or viewing more of my art please contact her.

Contact: lindavaldes@att.net

Logan Parsons

Logan was born and raised in Pacific Grove, California. She received her bachelor’s degree in environmental science from Western Washington University and the following year obtained her graduate certificate in science illustration from UCSC. Upon graduation she completed internships at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh, PA and at Scientific American magazine in New York City. Since that formative time in her illustration career, Logan has gone on to hone her skills as an educator as well, working as a Interpretive Park Ranger in Yosemite, and a high school art teacher at York School in Monterey, CA. Nature has always been the primary influence in Logan’s art; capturing the character of its many odd, funny, and beautiful organisms. She also holds a deep appreciation for designs and compositions (especially within the sciences) that successfully convey information while at the same time having an aesthetic appeal.

Website: www.parsonsillustration.com
Instagram: @loganparsonsillustration

Maria Cecelia Freeman

Maria Cecilia Freeman gardens, paints and teaches in Aptos, California. Her work includes scientific illustration and botanically accurate fine art, often merging the two in graphite and watercolor studies. She likes to create art that will serve the goals of education and conservation. She takes a special interest in portraying native plant species with a view to their preservation. Also, she particularly loves drawing and painting heritage and species roses. Her work has appeared in solo and juried exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe. She is a Filoli Florilegium artist and has contributed to the Alcatraz and Mt. Tamalpais Florilegia as well. She is a member of the Northern California Society of Botanical Artists, and the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators.

Website: http://www.mcf-art.com

Megan Gnekow

With formal training in a wide variety of media, Megan’s current work focuses primarily on honoring the fine details of the world and depicting the relationships between organisms in a wide variety of ecosystems. Her great passion is bringing people back to connection with the natural world through artistic experiences. She also volunteers for Resource Management at Pinnacles National Park, where she continues her training as an amateur naturalist. Megan spends most of her free time exploring the vast collection of ecosystems we call California. 

Website: http://www.megangnekow.com

Molly Brown

Molly Brown is a wildlife printmaker living and working in Santa Cruz, California. 

Website: https://www.mollybrownart.com
Instagram: @pots_n_things

Natasha Vokhshoori

Natasha grew up in Santa Monica, California. She is a scientist and watercolor artist. Natasha moved to Santa Cruz to pursue her education and is currently doing a PhD in the Ocean Sciences department at UC Santa Cruz where she studies paleoecology and paleoceanography. She uses chemical clues bound within the matrix of archaeological shells to reconstruct how the base of ocean food webs functioned in the past. When put into context, this information can help to explain what caused major cultural changes of Native indigenous tribes such as the Chumash in Southern California. Archaeological shells from invertebrate species such as oysters or mussels are the food remains of many coastal Native indigenous communities. These shell remains when accumulated and preserved through time (as far back as 10,000 years ago), synchronously serve as an environmental or climatological record of the past conditions in which people lived. Natasha uses her art as a passageway to inform communities beyond academia, about how geological tools are used to understand human response and adaptation to climate change in the past.

Website: people.ucsc.edu/~nvokhsho

Peggy Edwards

Peggy Edwards is a freelance botanical and natural science illustrator born and raised on the Central Coast of California, who currently divides her time between the Central Coast, the Sierra Nevada, and Scotland. Having earned a B.S. at The University of California, Berkeley and a graduate certificate in Natural Science Illustration at the University of California, Santa Cruz, she now spends her time teaching and illustrating for clients such as the Nature Conservancy, the Sierra Club, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife; and writing botanical articles for various organizations such as the Botanical Society of Scotland News and The Scottish Redwood Trust.

Website: https://www.sierranatureprints.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sierranatureprints/
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SierraNaturePrints/

Quentin Freeman

Quentin Freeman was born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, and has been making art since she was a little girl playing in the redwoods. Now an undergrad at UC Berkeley, she loves to illustrate the magic she sees in nature, either in detailed pen or vibrant watercolor. When she’s not painting or drawing, she spends her time out on her bicycle, in the garden, or adventuring with friends.

Instagram: @qpfreedesigns
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/QPFreeDesigns

Sami Chang

Samantha (Sami) Chang is a proud East Bay Area Native. Growing up, she explored her jungle of a backyard, sketchbook and pens always in hand, and drew everything she saw. Though art was one of her first loves, she became passionate about marine sciences when she was 12 years old. This passion drove her to pursuing a Marine Science degree from California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) and allowed her to focus her studies on a large range of marine organisms, from the Humpback whales that visit the bay during the summer months to feed on schools of sardines to the black abalone that hide deep within the rocky crevices of the intertidal to avoid being eaten by sea otters. Combining her love of art and science, she went on to gain her graduate certification in Science Illustration at CSUMB in hopes of educating large audiences on various marine organisms and ecological processes as well as how they are impacted by human interactions.

Website: https://www.schangstudios.com/

Sondra Cohelan

Sondra’s illustrations have been exhibited locally and nationally and are in both public and private collections throughout the United States. She enjoys the process and challenges that are demanded when creating realistically accurate images. Her biggest joy is sharing her illustration knowledge with others.

Contact: sondracohelan@yahoo.com

Stephanie Martin

Stephanie Zeiler Martin is a printmaker and painter living along the California coast. Plants and birds are persistent images, and her work pays homage to their diversity and fascinating design. Stephanie studied natural history as an undergraduate, and after a long career in education began taking art classes. She draws plants and birds in botanical gardens, natural history museums and in the wild, and then winnows her sketchbook images, transforming the most arresting ones onto the printing matrix –a copper plate- using traditional etching techniques. Her work is known for its fine aquatint technique, the mercurial process in which tonal areas are added to the image by etching fine textures into the plate. A member of the California Society of Printmakers, Stephanie has exhibited primarily in California, from Point Reyes to Yosemite to San Francisco Botanical Garden. Her etchings are in private collections around the world, as well as Stanford Medical Center and the Library of Congress, and can also be found in galleries in Carmel, Pescadero, Minneapolis, and Yosemite National Park (The Ansel Adams Gallery).

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/stephaniemartinart/

Vance Lawry

Vance Lawry, artist, biologist, and retired medical technologist, resides on Russian Hill  in San Francisco. He utilizes a variety of media and styles in creating his artworks, but as a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, he does mostly realistic renderings of plants and animals using watercolors. Vance is always open to meeting  other artists and marine biologists in the area.

Victoria Galitzine

Victoria grew up surrounded by the spectacular scenery of rural East Sussex, England. Her upbringing sparked a keen interest in the natural world, which is her primary muse as an artist. Victoria works mostly with oils and enjoys depicting the wildlife and landscapes of California.

Website: www.victoriagalitzine.com
Instagram: @victoriagalitsineart

Vincent Waring

Vincent Waring is an artist and craftsman based out of Santa Cruz, CA. He is interested in the ecology of wild and intentional spaces, which he often explores through imagery reflecting parts of the whole. He utilizes a variety of mediums, including printmaking, painting, and drawing. Born and raised in the Central Valley, he moved to Santa Cruz to attend the University of California where he received a BA in Studio Art. In the midst of making art, he also spends his days working with textiles, wood, and plants.

Website: www.vinwaring.com
Instagram: @vinwaring

Yvonne Byers

Yvonne Byers is a California native currently residing in Santa Cruz where she is translating her science illustration art style onto skin. Her tattoos focus on botanical subject matter from native terrestrial flora, to aquatic algae, to our fungi friends. Yvonne hopes to bring the beauty of ourselves and the beauty of the natural world together with a base in understanding, meaning, and awareness. An understanding of the symbiotic relationships all organisms have with one another, bringing meaning to our lives through an understanding of the natural world, and awareness of ourselves and the world around us to be able to grow and thrive for the best interest of everyone and everything. 

Website: www.yvonnebyers.com