Fossil Educational Kit

Why do we provide this education kit? 

This education kit is designed to help students learn more about our local fossil bearing formations around the Santa Cruz County area. The activities in this kit will help kids understand how fossils form and how they can inform us about the past.

How does it work?

These activities can be done in any order to support classroom learning. The kit is recommended for 3rd grade and above, but you can scale it to be accessible to younger kids as well. 

Why is this a relevant and interesting topic?

Learning about shifts in the natural world can help inform us not only about the past, but can help us make predictions about future changes and what that may wrought. These local fossil specimens can help kids understand how the geologic history of Santa Cruz has affected where we find fossils in our area and how they were formed in different formations along the coast and in the mountains.

Fossil Kit Rental

$15 / week

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