Mini Museum Exhibit Project | 2nd Grade

What kind of thinking goes into the design of a natural history exhibit? Over the course of three lessons, students deepen their observation-making abilities, learn about how to properly collect natural specimens, and create their own miniature museum exhibit. This project-based sequence will teach students how to interpret their findings and distinguish natural objects from one another based on their physical properties.

Lesson 1: Engage

Students view a presentation  of the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History’s exhibits, and think about how different specimens are interpreted.

Lesson 1 Student Guide
Lesson 1 Slides

Lesson 2: Explore

Students collect different specimens from around their home or favorite outdoor place to explore.

Lesson 2 Student Guide
Lesson 2 Slides

Lesson 3: Explain

Students create an exhibit that displays and interprets collected specimens, grouping them by shared characteristics.

Lesson 3 Student Guide
Mini Museum Video