Science Illustration Educational Kit

Why do we provide the Educational Kit?

This kit is designed to assist teachers and educators with incorporating art and science into their classes. Art and illustration is an excellent exploration tool for science and nature, helping students to further develop their observation skills and discover new perspectives. By using their observational sketches and notes, students can learn more deeply about the different species and environments all around Santa Cruz.

How does it work?

The activities included in the kit can be done in any order to support classroom learning. While the kit is designed for 2nd-3rd grade, it can be easily adapted to suit higher grades or other learning groups. 

Why is this a relevant and interesting topic?

Science illustration is present in all science fields, like botany, astronomy, paleontology, molecular biology, and so much more. Visualizing science is key to providing information and learning for the public, and in this time where extinctions, habitat destruction, and climate change is happening all around us, understanding and empathizing with nature and science is critical for the future. Science illustration is a learning tool to understand the natural world, and by combining art and science, students can use their creativity to deepen their comprehension and critical thinking.

Science Illustration Kit Rental

$15 / week

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