A Message of Support

As our society is embroiled in confronting systemic racism, museums worldwide are reflecting on our roles as institutions of learning, community centers, and curators of culture. The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History is dedicated to connecting people through nature and science, and we stand against racism that is keeping communities apart. 

Our staff have taken time to reflect on recent national events. We believe it is important to state and elevate the message that Black Lives Matter. Furthermore, we have identified a path forward for our museum that promotes and celebrates our values of racial diversity, equity, inclusion, and access to nature and science:

  1. As educators, stewards of cultural and natural artifacts, and facilitators of community dialogue, we commit to ongoing staff and board training to ensure that our practices reflect our stated values. 
  2. We will continue to engage with local and national groups whose work aligns with our values. Through partnerships, we will learn more about cultivating an inclusive and diverse museum community. Our learning will be reflected in all our programs and exhibitions. 

We remain grateful to all of our supporters, patrons and friends. 

#MuseumsAreNotNeutral #museums4equality #blacklivesmatter

Felicia B. Van Stolk
Executive Director