Wetland Walk

Students explore the wetlands of Neary Lagoon and use binoculars to spot and record wildlife along a one-mile hike. By collecting data on their observations and comparing them to past data, students find patterns of seasonal change, migration, and human impacts.

Grade: 3rd
Days offered: Tuesday – Friday
Start time: 9:00 a.m.
Program duration: 2 hours
Cost: Field trip fees covered by our generous members, donors, and grants 
Chaperones Required: 4-6
Supplemental Activities: Classroom Presentation ($25* for 1 hour); Educational Kit ($15*)
Months offered: September – May

*The Classroom Presentation and Educational Kits are designed to deepen the impact of the field trip program. They are highly recommended, but not required. They include activities and resources that might enhance your lessons apart from the field trip. Educational Kit rentals are one to two weeks.

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We offer supplementary Classroom Presentations ($25, 1 hour) and Educational Kit Rentals ($15 per week). These additional resources are recommended to maximize the impact of the full program. The classroom presentation will be scheduled for one week before your field trip at 1 p.m. (unless otherwise requested) and you will receive your Educational Kit during the presentation, which will be due back at the time of your field trip. We also offer Free Virtual Classroom Presentations, if preferred.

*In-person classroom presentations are only available to schools within Santa Cruz County and may change to virtual if pandemic cases rise.