Great Horned Owl Activity | 3-5 grade

When the sun goes down and we head to bed, a different world is waking up! We may be able to hear some of these creatures of the night “hoo-hoo-”ing to each other as they wake up and we turn inside. How do they live? What special features help them thrive in the dark? Take a closer look at the great horned owl and practice your naturalist skills of making observations and matching form to function.

In this 45-60 minute activity students will learn about the ways in which the great horned owl is able to survive in its habitat using its adaptations. Explore the resources below:

Great horned owl
Great Horned Owl
Bubo virginianus

Teacher’s Guide
This guide helps to lead opening and follow-up discussions, and outlines NGSS connections.

Great Horned Owl Adaptations
This guide provides a worksheet and powerpoint with thought provoking questions, facts, visuals, and videos to explore the many adaptations that owls have developed.

Owl Pellet and Food Wed Activity Guide
Use the contents of an owl pellet to explore the concept of food webs and build one of your own with this set of worksheets and guides.

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Post by Ellen and Elise