Welcome to the Museum of the Macabre, a month of curious events, unsettling insights, and fall favorites.

Watch Program Recordings

Collections Close-Up: Curiosity Cabinets
This Collections Close-Up program explores the Victorian origins of cabinets of curiosities, as well as their role in the Museum’s history and present.

The Basics of Taxidermy
Learn what you need to know to dive into taxidermy as a hobby. Warning for the squeamish: Alex Krohn will demonstrate the process on an Acorn Woodpecker.

Rockin’ Pop-Up: Caves
In honor of Halloween, we’re exploring the curious, the scary, and the strange all week during our series, Museum of the Macabre. And what’s scarier than a deep, dark cave? For this special Halloween Pop-Up, Gavin and Graham will explore the different ways that caves form.

Macabre Mushrooms with Christian Schwarz
From bizarre appearances to odd sexual proclivities, and digestive modes that are downright appalling, explore the macabre side of mushrooms.

More to Explore

Halloween Bingo
Whether you are looking for an alternative to trick-or-treating or you want to add a little scare to your Halloween stroll, this nature themed scavenger hunt will have you noticing the mysterious and the spooky all around you.

Nature Pumpkin Carving Templates
We challenge you to create a jack-o’-lantern that puts a spotlight on the nature of Santa Cruz County. Use some of our provided templates or get creative to highlight the wonders of nature this Halloween season.

The Macabre Martini
Part of our series On The Rocks, exploring science and nature through curated cocktails, this recipe will add a mysterious darkness to your halloween evening.

Macabre Music
Every year we explore the macabre side of nature through an evening of creatures, curiosities, and cocktails. This year, we invite you to create your own macabre evening at home with the help of this selection of moody, macabre music.