Museum of the Macabre

Welcome to the Museum of the Macabre, a month of curious events, unsettling insights, and fall favorites. Join us live for a series of events and keep checking back for more Halloween fun.

10/1     Member Event Cabinets of Curiosities
This Collections Close-Up Members event explores the Victorian origins of cabinets of curiosities, as well as their role in the Museum’s history and present.

10/27   The Basics of Taxidermy
Learn what you need to know to dive into taxidermy as a hobby. Warning for the squeamish: Alex Krohn will demonstrate the process on an Acorn Woodpecker.

10/28   Special Edition Rockin’ Pop-Up: Caves
In honor of Halloween, we’re exploring the curious, the scary, and the strange all week during our series, Museum of the Macabre. And what’s scarier than a deep, dark cave? For this special Halloween Pop-Up, Gavin and Graham will explore the different ways that caves form.

10/29   Macabre Mushrooms
From bizarre appearances to odd sexual proclivities, and digestive modes that are downright appalling, explore the macabre side of mushrooms.