The Art of Nature

© Elizabeth Romanini 2017

April 7 – May 27, 2018

Every year the Museum is proud to showcase California artists who bring science to life through art in our beloved annual The Art of Nature exhibit. The exhibit highlights the work of over 20 artists whose work illustrates science in a variety of media with a wide range of subjects, including: insects, plants, birds, mammals, landscapes and microorganisms. We invite you to dive into the beautiful world of nature yourself and test your skills while drawing museum specimens at our Illustration Station, or by participating in our illustration Workshop.

Exhibit Events:

Exhibit Artists:

Elizabeth Romanini, Erin Hunter, Megan Gnekow, Martha Iserman, Sondra Cohelan, Jen Samis, Charlotte Grenier, Vanessa Phaphone, Willow Moseley, Michelle Pastor, Grace Ackles, Janelle Manlapas, Hannah Caisse, Sofia Vermeulen, Juniper Harrower, Maria Cecilia Freeman, Anne S Easley, Emily Underwood, Yvonne Byers, Logan Parsons, Sophie Webb, Vance Lawry, Glenda Mahoney, Ben Witzke, Kathy Kleinsteiber, Stephanie Rozzo, Melody Overstreet, Vincent Waring, Monica E Jurik, Krista Anandakuttan, G. Lee Boerger, Anne Scott Chambers

Thank you to our generous exhibit sponsors:

The Hyatt Family

Joe and Sara Mikles