The Art of Nature

illustration of a black backed woodpecker perching in a tree
Black Backed Woodpecker © Benjamin Witzke

Open March 30 – June 2, 2019

Every year the Museum is proud to showcase Bay Area artists who bring science to life through art in our beloved annual exhibit, The Art of Nature. The exhibit highlights the work of numerous artists whose work illustrates science in a variety of media with a wide range of subjects, including: insects, plants, birds, mammals, reptiles and geology.

Exhibit Events

March 29, 5-6pm:
VIP Artist Walkthrough. Learn More.

March 29, 6-8pm:
Members-only Opening Reception

April 5, 5-7pm
FREE First Friday – Live Demos of Science Illustration
Featuring: Patricia Larenas, Logan Parsons, Hannah Caisse, Yvonne Byers

May 3, 5-7pm:
FREE First Friday – Live Demos of Science Illustration
Featuring: Sondra Cohelan, Terra Dawson, Julia Beery, Elizabeth Romanini

Exhibit Artists

Anne Easely, Benjamin Witzke, Brett Bell, Chelsea Kintz, Diana Moll, Elizabeth Romanini, Erin Hunter, Emily Underwood, G. Lee Boerger, Hannah Caisse, Jean M. Witzke, Jessica Bender, Julie Beery, Kathy Kleinsteiber, Kevin Wiseman, Linda Valdes, Logan Parsons, Marcia Sivek, Mari Stauffer Howard, Maria Cecelia Freeman, Mariana Alwell, Megan Gnekow, Patricia Larenas, Sofia Vermeulen, Sondra Cohelan, Stephani Martin, Stephanie Rozzo, Terra Dawson, Tina Curiel, Vance Lawry, Yvonne Byers

Thank you to our generous exhibit sponsors!