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The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History is a great place to visit for nature and science exploration, and we want to join you as you continue to explore at home and outside.

The Museum At Your Side is a collection of hands-on activities, informative articles, and engaging videos to connect you with nature and science wherever you are!

Community Resources

Activities, guides, lectures, workshops, guided nature experiences, and other resources to support your nature explorations from home or while outside. See more.

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Activities for Kids

Family-friendly and youth-focused activities, videos, articles, and more to aid in your nature exploration! See more.

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Resources for Teachers

Activities, worksheets, videos, and more developed to support standards and formal learning. See more.

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Rockin’ Pop-Up

Join the Geology Gents, Gavin and Graham, for monthly conversations about rocks live on Facebook. Each installment we’ll explore a different geologic topic, from Santa Cruz formations to tips for being a more effective rockhound. See more.

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